Kendria Jordan, Founder & CEO of K Spice

Culinary Enthusiast 

K Spice was an idea that came about by accident. My husband bought a food allergy test for himself and suggested I take it for myself. I informed him that I wasn't allergic to anything, but he insisted. I told him he was wasting his money, but I agreed to take the test. After receiving my results, I was shocked to find out that I was in fact allergic to something. Seventeen "somethings' to be exact. The report documented that they were mild allergies, but since I was frequently eating everything, I was "mildly" allergic to, it was producing inflammation in my body. I had always attributed the inflammation I was experiencing to my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. 

Since I discovered that most of the seasonings, I was using contained several things on my allergen list in the combination of dealing with high blood pressure, I decided to make my own seasoning. I started with a salt-free all-purpose seasoning. I thought it tasted amazing and to my surprise it packed with mouth-watering flavor minus the salt. My husband shared my sentiment and encouraged me to package and send to my family and friends and the rest is history! Once I eliminated the foods that were negatively impacting my system, the inflammation in my body has significantly decreased.

The goal of K Spice Seasoning is to add flavor to any dish without feeling guilty, and to provide an alternative to the inflammation causing spice blends in the market. It is a salt-free blend that will take all your dishes to the next level. We use all organic herbs that promote a healthy lifestyle